Proper Pay Link name not given for Bank

Discussion in 'Tally Developer' started by knsivam89, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. knsivam89

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    Dear Experts,
    I done A Excel to Tally Data Porting for Contra using VB.

    Up to 4.7 No Problem, It ll work very fine. In 4.8 It Show "Proper Pay Link name not given for Bank"

    How to fix it. Please Help me.

    Note: If we Get That Name In Any Global(Like SVCurrentCompany) Variable Mean I'll Get it from VB.
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  2. Maulik Patel

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    Dear knsivam89,

    I am not clear that what is the use of that field, it is possible that, this field may be used to make a link to master as per shown in developer. Also has doubt that if it is so then why that value is blank in old records. I mean it should be generated while we are migrating or rewriting company.

    I checked old records, "Name" field is blank in all earlier records in the company which one I have,
    however when i am trying to generate in 4.8 Name is getting different values every time when i generate vouchers in different dates.

    As per my opinion it is little risky but still if you want to do then there are three options to resolve your issue
    1. Leave that field blank(Not Null) like old records.
    2. Put Bank Name in that field.
    3. do the same what you are doing currently(generate a ID) in VB.

    You have to add below two lines in your xml for BillAllocation collection

  3. knsivam89

    knsivam89 Member

    Thank you sir. If i get any problem in feature mean i'll post that problem. Once again thank u very much.....
  4. Sivasakthi

    Sivasakthi New Member

    There was no error occured after add that two more tags
    But how do i take that <Name> </Name> alpha numeric name from where?

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